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Bathtub Refinishing Commonly Asked Questions

The average bathtub refinishing takes approximately 3 to 4 hours to complete. If your tub has been refinished once before the process will take 4 to 5 hours.
A tub and tile unit which consist of the bathtub and the three tiled walls of the tub surround area will take approximately 7 to 8 hours to complete.

When done professionally a refinished bathtub will last 10 to 15 years before you need to get it refinished again. When done right your new surface will never peel or bubble up. After about 10 years it just starts to look dull and worn. Wall tile can last significantly longer since tile is not typically being immersed in hot water and also not subject to the same chemical abuse as a bathtub.

Your refinished product will take approximately 1 1/2 to 2 days to completely cure. Cure time is critical in giving you a durable long lasting finish. Finishing products that claim a 6 to 12 hour cure time may be more convenient for the customer but the end result is a more brittle surface that will be much more prone to chipping. We use one of the best refinishing products in the country. The chemical cure time ratio of our refinishing product will give you a beautiful finish that is more durable than any other product on the market.

Your going to love your new surface. The new urethanes that are out today are incredible! No longer are you going to feel like you just had a workout after cleaning your tub scrubbing and scrubbing just to get it clean. The dirt, film and soap scum will rinse right off without having to use abrasive cleaners. Just use a non abrasive cleaner and easily wipe the tub clean. We recommend a very popular cleaner called Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaner.

Refinishing a bathtub is a lot like doing auto body work. Unlike an auto body shop which can pull their cars into an electrostatic dust free spray booth your bathroom becomes my spray booth. Dust and all!
We want you to have the best finish possible. So to prevent dust and debris from settling into the finish while it is being applied we ask that you would remove all the toiletries, knick knacks and floor items from the bathroom and wipe everything down and sweep the dust out of the bathroom. Some bathrooms are dustier than others but with your help a dust free bathroom will go a long way in giving you a beautiful finish. Make sure you also check that your tub spout isn’t leaking and that it doesn’t have a constant drip. Although I put a plastic baggy over the spout to catch any excess water that may be left in the pipes, a constant drip would fill up the baggy within a few short hours and burst onto the wet finish. If there is leaky, dripping faucet you will have to have that fixed before the tub can be refinished. Since one of the first things we will do is wash down the tub, you can go ahead and use your tub the morning before we arrive.

Yes, there is a 3 year warranty on your new bathtub. It is the same as a kohler warranty and covers everything except neglect. If your new surface peels up or bubbles up in any way within the warranty period it will be repaired or refinished again if necessary at no charge. In 15 years Ocean State Refinishing has only had to redo 3 bathtubs.
It is a testimony of a family owned business where the owner does all the work. You can feel confident in getting not only a beautiful finish but the most durable and long lasting finish available today.

Ocean State Refinishing uses an exhaust system to vent the fumes out of the house. If you have a window in the bathroom the fumes will be vented out through that window and the fumes and odor will be very minimal. If you happen to have a bathroom with out a window the exhaust system will be put into the nearest available window closest to the bathroom and the fumes and odor will be directed toward that window. Keep in mind that the actual spraying process only takes 30 minutes and once the the spraying process is done the fumes and odor will dissipate out of the house within 10 minutes. You will of course still have a paint odor in the bathroom where the work was done. The door will be closed once the work is completed and the odor in the bathroom will go away naturally as your new finish dries.

Ocean State Refinishing uses one of the best urethane products in the country. The new urethanes that are available today are incredible! They look just like porcelain, they are meant to be immersed in water and they are very durable. With normal use your new finish will easily last 10 – 15 years at which point you can simply have it refinished again. Much easier than tearing out a tub every 15 to 20 years and a lot less expensive. Refinished tile will last much longer as the tile is not typically being immersed in hot water and also not subject to the same chemical abuse as a bathtub.

No, you can have your new finish in basically any color under the sun. We have done colors anywhere from pastel purple to chocolate brown. The most common color though is either a kohler white or an off white, bone, bisquit or almond. Heiden Bathtub Refinishing can custom match your color to any existing toilet, sink or tile.

Chips, cracks and scratches are repaired during the prepping process. Larger chips and cracks are filled in with a special filler and then primered. Smaller scratches and cracks are filled by the primer. When the job is complete any chips, cracks or scratches are completely invisible as if they had never been there.

Absolutely! Clawfoot tubs are my favorite to do. They have such a nostalgia about them and when they are done there is just something about the looks of an old vintage clawfoot tub with a beautiful, brand new finish. They truly become the center piece of any bathroom.

Many older tubs and sometimes the newer ones will have rust stains from iron in the water or actual rust where the porcelain has been worn through and rusting the original cast iron frame During the prepping process any rust is completely removed and filled in and primered so that you will never have a problem with rust creeping through your new finish.

In most situations it is not necessary to remove the drain. If your metal drain ring where the water goes down is new or is in good shape there is no reason why the drain would have to be removed. If you had been thinking about replacing your drain ring now or in the near future then you would want to have that done before the bathtub is refinished.
Also, if there is rust around the drain ring or if the porcelain around the drain ring has been worn down to the original black cast iron you will need to at least have the drain ring removed so that rust can be removed properly and completely from around and underneath the drain ring. Call me for more details if this applies to you:

Yes, shower doors will need to be removed to get better access to the bathtub for refinishing. Only the doors will have to be removed and “not” the tracks along the bottom of the tub or the tracks on the side walls. The tracks on the bottom of the tub and side walls will be carefully masked off before spraying.
If you are not able to remove the doors yourself, Heiden Bathtub Refinishing will gladly remove them for you.

Ocean State Refinishing uses the newest and best urethane finishes available today.
There are three different products available.

Epoxies: First Used when tub refinishing became available over 50 years ago.
Nowadays you will only find fly by night companies using them.
Will yellow over time
Not meant to be immersed in water
Not as durable

Acrylics: Acrylics were a great improvement over epoxies. Like night and day and the
tub refinishing industry started putting out some very nice looking and long
lasting tubs. Many refinishers are still using the Acrylics with pretty good

Urethanes: The new urethanes that are available nowadays are incredible. They are
meant to be immersed in water, they are incredibly durable and they will
not yellow over time. Most reputable bathtub refinishers are using the
new urethanes available today. Ocean State Refinishing uses one of the
best urethane refinishes in the country. When it comes to your new
finish Ocean State Refinishing spares no expense and has your new finish
shipped here from Texas.

This is not a problem. At least 20% of the bathtubs that I do are from other companies failed work or from companies that have gone out of business. Ocean State Refinishing will completely remove the old finish and start the refinishing process as if the tub had never been refinished before.

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The Advantages of Refinishing

For most people your bathtub works just fine. Its a solid tub it holds water and it drains.

The problem, is that your bathtub is either worn and no longer has that shiny glass like finish so it is now very difficult to keep clean, or it is chipped or rusted or it is an outdated color. It would be a shame to have to tear out a perfectly good working bathtub if there was a way to change the color or put a brand new shiny, porcelain type finish on the Tub or Tile that is already there and solidly in place.

The high cost of tearing everything out can be completely avoided.

For example, The national average cost to install a new bathtub is $2838 – $4500 depending on the type of tub and modifications needed. The average cost of just the tub itself ranges from $300 to $2,000 or more. That does not include the new plumbing that needs to be hooked back up again, tearing out at least a portion of your perfectly good walls that surround the tub to be able to get the tub in, labor cost, and dont forget about the weeks of down time and the mess.

There is very little down time when getting your tub or tile refinished. On the average a typical refinishing job takes 4 to 5 hours and can be used again in 2 days.

The results are amazing!

The results is a beautiful brand new looking tub that is durable, easy to clean and without the high price tag of purchasing and installing a new unit…………

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